Excellent production performances and daily serenity for the farm manager at SCEA de Bellevue, Brittany, France

Farm description

  • SCEA de Bellevue, Lanouée, Brittany, France.

  • Patrice Nogre is co-owner and farm manager.

  • 4 partners.

  • 1000-sow farrow-to-wean farm.

  • 4 employees for daily work in the farrowing unit.


I am happy to share in this testimonial my thoughts and to support and salute the work, the involvement, the listening and the objectivity of the team.

 It has been 7 years of partnership since the creation of our farrowing unit. They accompanied us during the population of the herd. When we were contaminated by PRRS at the beginning of 2017, they were very reactive for the diagnosis and management which allowed us to limit the economic impact, thanks to a short time to return to baseline production after the outbreak. Since then, the results have continued to improve, with the same genetic supplier. Our employees appreciate the regular follow-up and the reactivity. All the topics of the farm are monitored by Rezoolution: health, biosecurity, air flow, water quality, feeding, well-being… and the results are there: 34.6 weaned per productive sow and per year with very regular weaning weights.

As the manager of the farrowing unit, my partnership with Rezoolution brings me serenity in the follow-up of the unit and I do not regret my choice!

Farrowing performances - SCEA de Bellevue

Numbers of total born, born alive and weaned per sow is continuously increasing, without changing genetic line.

Return to estrus rate-SCEA de Bellevue

Sow fertility is excellent and is about 95% on average today.

SCEA De Bellevue Morbihan - Témoignage pour rezoolution conseil en élevage porcin