Pig farmers

Rezoolution offers personalized services for pig farmers regarding nutrition, welfare, herd management and health issues. Moreover, we can evaluate your ventilation system, identify problems, suggest adjustments and work with your equipment supplier to implement solutions.

Industry partners

Rezoolution work with fellow pigs veterinarians and industry partners (genetics and feed mill companies, co-op…) in one-off or periodic consultancy on their clients' farms, training of their technical and marketing staff or farm staff on their client's unit.

Contract Research Organisation

Rezoolution research staff is highly experienced in proof of concept, pre-clinical, clinical, and applied trials. These trials are sourced with the appropriate animals and facilities in France to answer the question at hand. Rezoolution prides itself on being considered an industry expert in the fields of farm management, swine production and PRRSV.


Pig consulting services

Rezoolution provide outstanding veterinary services, tools to improve production efficiency, maximize profitability and understand and solve health issues. We coordinate and complete innovative researches in pig production (drugs, welfare and feed additive) by providing facilities and experienced research staff to conduct large scale studies.

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